CPES Certification
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CCPES Certification
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During the period of certification, the member must attend another two-day Property & Evidence Management Class (Either face-to-face or online video class). No further testing is required. Complete a Re-Certification Application and submit it with payment. (Fee: $100):

CPES Re-Certification

CCPES Re-Certification


Certified Property and Evidence Specialist (CPES)
Corporate Certified Property and Evidence Specialist (CCPES)

IAPE offers our members the opportunity to become Certified Property and Evidence Specialists. Certification is available to our law enforcement agency members as well as our corporate members. The designation of CPES or CCPES indicates that the holder is a professional who has completed requirements in training; has worked in the field for a required period of time; and has demonstrated their knowledge of professional standards through a written test. More than 1400 IAPE members have achieved the CPES or CCPES designation.


There are 5 criteria that must be met to become a CPES or CCPES:

  • Membership: Be a current IAPE dues-paid member (Note: To retain the designation,       membership must be renewed each year. Click Here to Renew Membership

  • Training: Completion of IAPE's Property and Evidence Management Training Class (Note:        Either the face-to-face class or the online, on-demand video class. Click Here for Classes

  • Experience: Applicant must have served for one year, full-time as a Property and        Evidence custodian (Note: If a part-time assignment, must have the equivalent of one        year experience, i.e. 2080 hours)

  • Submit Application & Payment: A CPES or CCPES application must be submitted along         with fee payment - Select one of the Choices on the Left.

  • Pass a Written (Online) Exam: Applicant must pass a fifty (50) question, multiple- choice          exam that is based upon the IAPE Professional Standards.
  • Certificate

    Upon completion of the above requirements, a CPES or CCPES professional certificate of designation will be mailed directly to the member. Certification is valid for a period of five (5) years, contingent upon maintaining membership.