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The IAPE Property and Evidence Management vido Course is approximately 14 hours in length and was prepared by Law Enforcement Personnel for Law Enforcement personnel.. Completion of the course meets the training requirements for becoming a Certified Property and Evidence Specialist (CPES).
Individual Course Modules
•Audits & Inventories: This video provides material useful to Property Room personnel as well as Auditors regarding the preparation for and procedure of conducting an audit of the Property Room. Additionally you will also learn various aspects of conducting inventories and how they differ from audits.
•Security:  This video focuses on the best ways to secure your Property Room as well as common mistakes that you should avoid. You will also learn about many types of products and procedures which will enhance the security of your facility. INCLUDES SPECIAL BONUS VIDEO ON ELECTRONIC SECURITY.
•Documentation, Chain of Custody and Automation:  These 2 video modules provide an understanding of the Chain of Custody within the property room, along with an overview of the various internal controls needed to properly track and manage you evidence when it leaves your department for court, crime lab or out for investigations . Additionally, the video also discusses the advantages of automating the tracking process, Found Property and Property for Safekeeping.
•More Modules Coming Soon

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